Advisor Terms & Conditions

By registering an advisor account on, advisors agree to all terms and conditions listed within this agreement. Our Terms of Use are subject to the laws of England and Wales and the parties irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts in relation to these Terms of Use, their interpretation and their subject matter. is owned and operated by Your Local Advisor Limited, registered in England and Wales, company number 13527472. Registered company address: The Victoria, 25 St. Pancras, Chichester, West Sussex PO19 7LT.

Before advisors can purchase an enquiry, they must provide within their “profile” account section; a.) their current FCA number, to confirm that they are approved and regulated to provide mortgage advice and b.) their ICO reference for data protection registration ( Advisors accounts will not be unlocked until their information has been provided and checked for validity. If either the advisor’s FCA number or ICO reference changes, it is the advisor’s responsibility to update this information within their account. Your Local Advisor Limited reserves the right to check the ongoing validity of this information from time to time. If any information is found to be out of date, Your Local Advisor Limited reserves the right to lock the advisor’s account until valid FCA and/or ICO registration references have been provided by the advisor. Advisors are wholly responsible for the content that they create within their business profile, remain responsible for updating any required aspect of their profile and representing their business and services accurately at all times to their enquirers.

To operate an unlocked account on and to receive enquiries from our platform, advisors must provide a free initial consultation, which is provided without obligation for the enquirer to proceed with the advisor’s services. If applicable, advisors may charge a fee to enquirers who wish to proceed past the free initial consultation stage, for which the payment amount and full payment terms must be made clear to the enquirer prior to commitment.

Prior to approving and unlocking new advisor accounts on, we require receipt of the advisor (or advisor’s firm) consumer terms and conditions, including data protection policy. If consumer terms and conditions and/or data protection policy are updated in the future, it is the advisor’s responsibility to forward updated information via email to to be assessed for ongoing suitability.

Your Local Advisor Limited will not directly contact any user who sends an enquiry via and does not provide regulated financial advice. Your Local Advisor Limited may only attempt to contact an enquirer if an advisor requests an enquiry replacement, to verify the validity of the replacement request.

Advisors accept the set functionality of the platform, as described within the documentation/guide section, which is accessible via the account dashboard.

Advisors who purchase one or more enquiries via the platform, either on the “auto assign” or “buy now” basis, accept that payment for enquiries is non-refundable. If an enquiry replacement is requested on the basis of one of the scenarios included within the set replacement policy, Your Local Advisor Limited reserves the right to make the final decision to either accept or reject the enquiry replacement request. Accepted enquiry replacement requests will add a credit to the advisor’s account equal to the payment made by the advisor to purchase the enquiry.

It is the responsibility of each advisor/company with a account to keep their business profile, account settings and enquiry requirements up to date. Your Local Advisor Limited takes no responsibility for out of date or incorrect information which is transmitted to enquirers.

All advisors who wish to register for an account and create a free business listing agrees to create a professional profile which is representative of their business and the service/s that they offer. Any profiles created which are not professional, for example may include profanity or where explicit images are uploaded, will be immediately withdrawn from our platform. The relevant advisor or business may have their account deleted and may be blocked from creating a new account in the future.

It is expected for advisors who purchase enquiries via to contact their enquiries in a timely fashion (within 24 hours of enquiry purchase and within normal business hours, unless an enquirer requests otherwise) and in a professional capacity relating to the nature of the enquiry. Your Local Advisor Limited reserves the right to investigate any complaints received from enquirers pertaining to a specific advisor or company, which may result in the deletion of the applicable business profile/s and associated account/s.

Advisors agree to not share user information which is submitted via with any third party, unless that third party is integral to providing the service which the enquirer requested or is deemed to require. Enquirer details may only be passed on to a third party if the advisor obtains clear consent from the enquirer to do so. Advisors are responsible for the security of personal information transmitted via and Your Local Advisor Limited accepts no responsibility for misuse of this personal information or any claims/complaints which may arise.